Sunday, November 13, 2011

(eat s'more) better butter!

"Eat s'more bedder budder"? Is that what you said? I could've sworn . . . Oh, right, that's because you did just say "bedder budder." Don't believe me? Try saying "better butter" aloud.  

Still don't believe me? Well, it's called intervocalic alveolar flapping, which means your vocal cords are vibrating when you say your vowels and hence what we think of as a "t" between those "e" and "u" vowels is sounding more like a "d". And Wikipedia corroborates my linguistic lesson. Another one to try out is saying "kiddy" and "kitty" side-by-side.

From what you've read above, are you sure I'm not a "hack writer"? Are you an italic aficionado? Do we all use italics more than "necessary"? So when should we use italics? Herein lies a possible answer. BUT AS THE PURDUE OWL SITE SAYS, USING ALL-CAPS "throughout a message can create the unintended impression of shouting and is therefore discouraged." WHAT ABOUT ALL-CAPS AND ITALICS FOR EMPHASIS? HMMMM?

Is it time to talk about these photos of phood shrouding this text? I should say so! And you'll surely be requesting another batch of s'more better butter ASAP!

better pumpkin butter (gluten-free, indubitably vegan if agave/maple syrup in place of honey)

3 Tablespoons of honey (or agave nectar or maple syrup. You may need 4 to 5 Tablespoons of honey, depending on your desire to keep the sugar levels lower or satisfy your sweet tooth)
1 can of pumpkin (15 oz.)
2 generous pinches of salt (I used my favorite pink salt!)
4 pinches nutmeg (or another common spice (I wouldn't recommend that much cayenne pepper!), as is discussed below under Plump Pumpkin S'mores)

Simply mix the ingredients together with some sort of utensilish object. I mixed mine right in a jar that once housed apple butter, which provided a convenient mixing locale and storage container. Keep it refrigerated, and spread on whatever you like!

Serving Suggestions:
Plump Pumpkin S'mores
 Some gluten-free graham crackers (Kinnikinnick) plus simple dark chocolate (Divine, which is equal exchange!) go great with a dollop of better pumpkin butter. Common pumpkin pie spices (cinnamon, cloves, allspice, nutmeg, ginger) and uncommon pumpkin pie spices (cardamom, smoked paprika, cayenne pepper) would be exciting editions to the pumpkin butter before topping with the second half o the cracker. Also, a marshmallow could be placed inside along with all the ingredients pictured, of course!

Pecan-topped Pumpkin Tort
Especially since I ripped rather than sliced my tortilla pieces (I've been operating the last 9 weeks without my own kitchen, so my standards of presentation have been temporarily lowered), this is an easy snack that is far from the complication of a torte! I used Food for Life brand rice-tapioca tortillas to sandwich in some pumpkin butter, which can be sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg inside the tortilla-wich. A pecan on top is for good measure & good fats & protein!

ENJOY YOUR NEW-FOUND LINGUISTIC & ENGLISH ORTHOGRAPHIC CONVENTION KNOWLEDGE! (. . . and don't throw it away or put it next to the trash!)

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