Thursday, October 13, 2011

Arecipe Development

In honor of the return of the Bluth family to the small (and their premier on the big) screen, I propose a toast (well, more of a snack-dessert). If you're not a fan yet, I'd suggest that a good belly-laugh does a body good, and an episode of Arrested Development will arrest the oh-no-DST's-done-therefore-less-sunlight blues that shall commence in 3.333333338792-ish weeks from today.

Laughter is good for you. It's science:
“The magnitude of change we saw in the endothelium is similar to the benefit we might see with aerobic activity, but without the aches, pains and muscle tension associated with exercise,” says Dr. Miller. “We don’t recommend that you laugh and not exercise, but we do recommend that you try to laugh on a regular basis. Thirty minutes of exercise three times a week, and 15 minutes of laughter on a daily basis is probably good for the vascular system.”

Let us relish the sunlight of today. Let us celebrate the wiles and whims of the weirdly wonderful ones with a Bluth banana that's tasteful, healthy, and easy!

Banana StandSnackShack (gf-n-vegan)
You can multiply this ratio however many times you like. Also, this is for a fairly dark chocolate taste, so an added touch of honey or riper banana may be what your taste buds need and politely suggest to you.
1 banana
2 Tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder (Ghiradelli's is my favorite.) 
1 Tablespoon cocoa nibs or chocolate chips (chips mayn't be vegan.)

also, for topping:
toasted coconut (I make a tin foil boat and watch them toast in a front-door-opens-broiler toaster oven. See above)
raw walnut pieces

Place cocoa powder & chocolate chunks/chips/nibs in a bowl. Slice the banana into the bowl. Either coat banana with the chocolate by gently stirring, or mash banana into the chocolate and stir well. And I like eating with chopsticks, so those are depicted.

So you end up with cocoa-coated truffle-like banana slices, or a choconanapudpudding! And, Bluth family, return from whence you came! (a.k.a. PLEASE COME BACK TO TV!)


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