Saturday, October 29, 2011

Not five, not four, not two, just six [ingredients]]]]]

Like Run DMC & the Beastie Boys, I have riffed on the rap countdown tradition in my title. Props to hollaing/hearkening back to those before oneself (even if not rap. And also props to satirizing pop rap). Now to linguists before me, who even have found the rare, wonderful base-twelve system in the Sora language, I give a shout-out to the marvels of the count.

Now onto something I doubt anyone has done before with these six ingredients I had kickin' around my shelf, all from the town co-op.

Mellow Mallow-Kiwiberri Sundae (gf & vegetarian, unless you find vegan marshmallows)

one carton kiwiberries (or another berry of any sort, or sliced fruit! approx 1 cup)
approx 1/3 cup chocolate chips
approx 1/2 marshmallows, diced   
one pinch cardamom
one pinch smoked paprika
one pinch pink or sea salt

Cut your kiwiberries in half (your knife running perpendicular to the line that would connect the two ends with stems), then, in a medium bowl gently mix the kiwiberries with the chocolate chips and diced marshmallows. Evenly sprinkle the mixture with the cardamom, paprika, and salt.

Alternatively, layer/arrange the ingredients in individual bowls to prevent berry juice from dying the marshmallows (though this could look cool, too. I arranged mine in the little bowl that's photographed).
Dish up and enjoy! The recipe can be edited to the amount of items you have on hand (such as using normal berries or other diced fruit) and multiplied/re-ratioed as much as you desire!

The "WHAT ON EARTH?!?" factor induced me
to purchase these. How much will these lil' beauties entice you?
Good to the last hemi/demi-kiwi-berri.

Eat not five, not four, not three, just two helpings (just kidding--indulge as much as you want!!!)!

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